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Having a pool, hot tub, or home spa comes with many advantages that homeowners love to enjoy. But without proper maintenance, these amenities will constantly break down. That’s why at C Blu, we offer second to none pool and spa maintenance in New Westminster. We’re known for reliable, prompt, and superior quality services and strive to consistently deliver 100 percent client satisfaction.

Our Pool and Spa Maintenance Services

We offer a variety of mobile pool and spa services. They are:

Weekly to Monthly Swimming Pool Maintenance Programs

Our weekly and monthly programs will include the following services:

  • Vacuuming
  • Checking the backwash and filter pressure
  • Testing and chemically treating water
  • Emptying skimmer baskets and pump

Summer Pool Openings and Pool Winterizing in the Fall

We’re here to make pool opening easy and fast so that you can begin enjoying the sunny days in your pool. For summer openings, our best pool services in Langley, BC, will include:

  • Removing winter cover and winterizing plugs
  • Adding start-up chemicals
  • Putting up lights, diving boards, and more
  • Reassembling and activating filtration equipment

When it comes to pool closing, we offer the following services:

  • Installing the winter cover
  • Disassembling the filtration equipment, diving boards, lights, among others
  • Draining water
  • Getting the plumbing line ready for winter

Winter Pool Cover Removal and Cleaning

Once the weather gets warmer, it’s time to think about removing and storing your pool cover. Our team for Langley pool and spa maintenance can take care of this for you by:

  • Cleaning the debris on the cover and surrounding deck
  • Properly removing the pool cover and thoroughly cleaning it
  • Drying the cover properly
  • Safely storing your pool cover

Sand Filter Repair or Replacement

Your sand filters will need occasional sand replacement and backwashing. We’re the team for the job. We’re also experts at deep cleaning sand filters regularly. We’ll take it apart carefully, clean it, then replace or reassemble the parts.

Cartridge Filter Repair or Replacement

Our pool and hot tub services entail removing and cleaning reusable cartridges. Additionally, our dedicated staff can also dispose of and replace cartridges that are too dirty to reuse.

Servicing and Repairs of all Hot Tubs and Home Spas

Whether you need help with repairs or maintenance, we’re your one-stop shop for all your hot tub and home spa needs. Our top-of-the-line routine maintenance services will ensure your home spa and hot tub are safe for use at all times and reduce the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns.

On the other hand, if your hot tub or home spa isn’t working, there’s no problem our experienced technicians can’t handle. Our pool and hot tub service in Langley involves quickly diagnosing the issue and providing lasting, reliable solutions.

Repairs to All Pool Heaters, Pumps, Filters, Operating Systems, and Piping

If your pool water has turned ice-cold, it’s advisable to repair it sooner so that you can continue enjoying your pool at the right temperature. We’re always pleased to assist you with all your repairs.

Swimming Pool Chemicals and Salts: Sodium Hypochlorite, Muriatic Acid, Cyanuric Acid

We provide our clients with best-in-class chemicals and salt systems to guarantee perfectly balanced, swim-safe, and clear water. And what’s more, we’ll be responsible for maintaining them to ensure proper function.

Home Pool Water pH and Chemical Testing Kits

Your pool water should always be clear and clean. However, you can’t be able to tell if the chlorine levels are too high or too low without a testing kit. Using our pool testing kits, you can check the cyanuric acid levels, pH level, calcium hardness, and more.

Your Go-To Pool, Hot Spa, and Home Spa Experts

As trusted professionals, we’ll keep your amenities running optimally, safely, and in tip-top condition so that they can last for years. Contact us for immediate swimming pool and spa maintenance in New Westminster: https://cblu.ca/contact-us/.

pool and spa maintenance New Westminster